Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde couchtuner

Category: Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Stars: Dougray Scott, Krista Bridges, Tom Skerritt, Danette Mackay

Release: 2008

Country: Canada

Duration: 89 minutes

Director: Paolo Barzman

Votes: 7.5

Quality: HD

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Dr. Henry Jekyll is a well-regarded physician whose evenings are spent researching a rare and sacred Amazonian flower so potent it's said to literally separate the
soul| giving life to man's Dark Self. The obsessive experiments to isolate its psychotropic properties happen to coincide with a series of brutal murders gripping
the city with fear. Jekyll knows it's no coincidence. While his nights are lost to him| he awakens with bloody mementos and violent memories of the screams of his
victims. He knows the Dark Self is coming into his own. It's even given himself a name: Mr. Edward Hyde. Anxious to plead guilty| waive trial| face sentence| and be
put out of his misery| where he can no longer do harm| Jekyll solicits the help of Claire Wheaton| a compassionate attorney attracted to unusual and lost causes.
Agreeing to represent Jekyll| her case for extreme mental imbalance is convincing. Confined to an asylum| Jekyll realizes that he has lost control| that Hyde now
emerges in both body...