Roter Schnee couchtuner

Category: Short, Drama, History

Stars: Jörg Koslowsky, Vuk Jovanovic, Gottfried Breitfuss, Radoslav Milenkovic

Release: 2013

Country: Serbia and Montenegro, Switzerland, Serbia

Duration: 23 minutes

Director: Luka Popadic

Votes: 7.3

Quality: HD

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World War II| Serbia 1941. When a Wehrmacht soldier gets killed due to the incautiousness of lieutenant Michael Berg| his superior| Major König| gives him an
ultimatum: if the young lieutenant doesn't manage to persuade the prisoner Petar to betray his comrades| the Major will apply the infamous "100 for 1" act - a law
which states that for every German soldier killed| one hundred civilians have to be executed. The story is based on true events.