The War Of 1812 couchtuner

Category: Documentary, History, War

Stars: Christopher Kozak, Joe Mantegna, Craig Williams

Release: 2011

Country: USA

Duration: 120 minutes

Director: Diane Garey, Lawrence Hott

Votes: 7.5

Quality: HD

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The War 1812 is a two-hour film history of a deeply significant event in North American and world history. The war shaped American, Canadian and British destiny in the most literal way possible: had one or two battles or decisions gone a different way, a map of the United States today would look entirely (and shockingly) different. The fires of this war forged the nation of Canada; at the same time, the result tolled the end of Native American dreams of a separate nation. By war's end, the process of Native nation removal had already begun in the southeast, paving the way for a Cotton Kingdom powered by slavery, and a United States that had been on the verge of collapse was ready to announce its arrival as a global power. The U.S. did not win the War of 1812, but the noble experiment of democracy had managed to survive intense pressure from without, and within.