Blondie Meets The Boss couchtuner

Category: Comedy, Music

Stars: Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Larry Simms, Jonathan Hale

Release: 1939

Country: USA

Duration: 75 minutes

Director: Frank R. Strayer

Votes: 7

Quality: HD

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Dagwood Bumstead quits his job when his long-awaited vacation is postponed. Blondie asks J.C. Dithers to give Dagwood his job back| and Dithers agrees but on the
condition that Blondie take charge of the office while he is in Washington closing a deal. Dagwood| left to tend the house while Blondie goes to work| succumbs to a
neighbor's suggestion to go fishing and leaves Baby Dumpling in care of Blondie's sister| Dot| in town for a jitterbug contest. While fishing| Dagwood meets two
entertainers from the Garden Cafe and when one of them| Francine| almost overturns the boat| Dagwood grabs to save her| and the "glutch" is photographed. Blondie has
the film from Dagwood's camera developed| and Dithers wires her to buy some land owned by the Garden Club proprietor before he learns that it has been approved as
the site of the new airport. Enroute| she picks up the developed film. Dagwood has wandered off to play pool| and Dot and her boy friend| Freddie| take Baby Dumpling
with them to the...