Tarz And Jane And Cheeta couchtuner

Category: Adult

Stars: Tallie Cochrane, Patrick Wright, Georgina Spelvin, Uncle Tom, Five Fingers Eddie, San Clemente Richard

Release: 1975

Country: USA

Duration: 80 minutes

Director: Itza Fine

Votes: 7.5

Quality: HD

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The flimsy plot for this uproariously breezy'n'cheesy porno dazzler has poor Tarzan (cheerfully overplayed by prolific 70's drive-in picture perennial Patrick Wright, who sports a really obvious fake wig), depicted here as an absolute feather-headed goofball who's all brawn and no brains, suffer a hilariously nasty run-in with a ravenous crocodile: the flesh-chomping lizard bites off Tarzan's manhood (ouch!) when Tarz wrestles the beast in a river. So Tarzan, his ditsy, oversexed distaff companion Jane (an endearingly daffy Tallie Cochrane, Wright's real-life wife), and their lunkhead son Boy (some vacuous California surfer dude type who calls himself Uncle Tom) embark on a perilous pilgrimage to Wango Wango Land in order to get Tarzan another penis.