Top Gun couchtuner

Category: Action, Drama, Romance

Stars: Tom Cruise, Meg Ryan, Val Kilmer, Kelly McGillis, Anthony Edwards, Tom Skerritt

Release: 1986

Country: USA

Duration: 110 minutes

Director: Tony Scott

Votes: 7.5

Quality: HD

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Top Gun is the story of a boy who wants to conquer the sky. Maverick- a young British pilots has a powerful desire of escaping from the shadow of his father, who is an excellent pilot. At the training, Maverick has learned things that no school can teach him and he also has committed many mistakes. But then, with the help of Kelly, a very special teacher, Maverick sees the real value of his own. He has learned to believe in myself and the team. Persevered with his dream, Maverick has not stopped efforts. After rigorous training courses and the challenging flights, eventually Maverick also confirmed his talent.