Phantom couchtuner

Category: History, War, Thriller

Stars: Julian Adams, David Duchovny, Ed Harris

Release: 2013

Country: USA

Duration: 98 minutes

Director: Todd Robinson

Votes: 8

Quality: HD

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“Phantom” set in the Cold War iss at climax condition. The B756 which is equipped with a series of torpedoes and a strategic ballistic missiles carrying nuclear warheads of Russian led by Captain Dmitri Zubov is missing. Fearing the retaliation from the West, they send the entire fleet supporting B756 to search the submarine and hope that the US and their allies do not find  theshipwreck. But actually the B756 is not missing. Deep below the water surface of the Pacific, Captain Zubov and the sailors discover a plot could destroy all mankind of the US Navy. Zubov decides to block the plot, but the ship is falling into a dangerous situation when the remaining oxygen is very low…