Pride And Prejudice Episode 1 couchtuner

Category: Drama, Psychological, Crime

Stars: Baek Jin-Hee, Choi Min-Soo, Lee Tae-Hwan, Choi Woo-Sik, Jang Hang-Seon, Jung Hye-Seong, Baek Su-Ryeon, Kim Na-Woon, No Ju-Hyeon, Kim Yeo-Jin, Kim Kang-Hoon, Kwak Ji-Min, Choi Joon-Yong, Maeng Sang-Hun, Choi Jin-Hyuk, Son Chang-Min

Release: 2015

Country: Korea

Duration: 60 minutes

Director: Kim Jin-Min

Votes: 8

Quality: HD

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Yeol Moo begins work as a trainee prosecutor and meets Dong Chi in front of his office. She is assigned to the team where Prosecutor Dong Chi works. A legal drama about team of young and passionate prosecutors who banded together to fight against injustice and oppression that befall weak and poor people. Besides face many hardships from higher authority, they also learn to cooperate and adjust with the clash of different personalities and backgrounds.