Hitler's Children couchtuner

Category: Documentary, History

Stars: Bettina Göring, Katrin Himmler, Monika Hertwig, Rainer Höß

Release: 2011

Country: Israel, Germany

Duration: 59 minutes

Director: Chanoch Ze'evi

Votes: 7.4

Quality: HD

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Bettina Göring is the great-niece of Nazi official Hermann Göring. Katrin
is the great-niece of Heinrich Himmler| second in command of the Nazi Party under Adolf
. Rainer Höß is the grandson of Rudolf Hoess| creator and commandant of the Auschwitz
Concentration Camp. Niklas Frank is the son of Hans Frank| Polish Governor-General during WWII| he who
was responsible for the ghettos and concentration camps in Nazi occupied Poland. Monika Hertwig is the daughter of Amon Goeth|
commandant of the Plaszów Concentration Camp. None with Nazi leanings| the five talk individually about what it is like to carry a name associated with the Nazi
Party| being a blood relative to someone associated with hate and murder| being German at a time when that in and of itself was seen as being associated with
Naziism| dealing with their family regardless of their allegiance to the Nazi Party| and if they feel any guilt associated with the actions of their infamous
ancestor. In addition to these...